Modeling Curriculum

 Students will possess knowledgeable life skills discovering who they are as an individual and as a contributor to society as a whole.  Inner true beauty will define the destination of their future by tackling the social norm of their eco-social environment. These assessments will continue to build healthy wholeness positive efforts towards their long term physical, mental, spiritual and social success.

Excellence Image Character Curriculum

Identify child's and parent's self-esteem and teach them excellent behavioral traits along with bullying prevention strategies, personal hygiene awareness, health, skin, hair, journaling, providing monthly character workshops and community service project with a Save our Planet initiative of adopt a highway & community gardening initiative, Elder Assisted Living Community Service, Thanksgiving Food Outreach, Adopt a Family for the Holidays etc...; We are so extremely proud of our newly formed corporate mentoring partnership with FSU Chapter of S.I.S.T.U.H.S. nonprofit organization

Excellence Kids Data Analysis

It is the hypothesis that there is a positive correlation between participation in the programs of Excellence Dance Studio, Inc. and these five elements:

Excellence Profound Sound Toastmasters

Public Speaking curriculum for youth teaches public speaking and excellent leadership skills; Poetry will be encouraged as a creative expression technique, mocked Interviews, debates and speech including speakers' bureau for advanced speakers

Excellence Dance Styles Ballet/ Lyrical

Students learn the basic skills and techniques of ballet. Proper etiquette and technique is also introduced as young ones learn basic movement.

Excellence Performing Ensemble

Led by Mr. Anthony Williams Students will study and perform vocal music ranging from many styles. Professional vocal training; Students will learn the enhancement of the vocal rendition of various works. Theatrical skits Plays to gain experience with musical productions;

Excellence Creative Expressions

To encourage artistic expression by drawing, painting and writing or other creative techniques Jazz Students are taught basic movements in jazz dance. This will also include basic tap movement and technique. Students are also introduced to the basic skills of understanding music and rhythm as it relates to dance

Creative Movement and Praise Dance

Students explore dance and movement through space. Students will learn basic movement technique from various dance forms as a way to build "movement vocabulary" in order to initiate improvisation and basic movement phrases.

Excellence Gymnastics/ Tumbling

Students develop flexibility and technique in tumbling learning basic rolls, stretches, and jumps Generation of Excellence Dance Team/ Cheerleading Students learn hip moves and gain technique in hip-hop dance. This also includes cheerleading skill and technique; learning simple cheering phrases and combinations.

Happy Veteran's day A starry night at the fair with Excellence Dance Studio, Inc. Community open model call showc…